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What we do

At Clix Profit we provide high quality, real-time leads for business owners. No more wasting time and money on bogus leads.

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Research Your Business

We work with your business to analyze what your most profitable services are, and the best locations to target.

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Customized Marketing Plan

We create a campaign designed at driving high quality leads. We assign a unique number that records calls for our mutual review.

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Drive Traffic & Leads

We begin driving traffic to the pages and the customers searching for your services contact you in real-time.


Focus on what you do best: running your business

We believe that every business should have the opportunity to do what they do best, which is running their business, not worrying about overpaying for ineffective marketing campaigns.

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Frequent Questions

Here are some common questions we get.

Where do you get the leads?

We use a combination of paid traffic channels.

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How much do the leads cost?

The per lead price depends on the industry and location. It’s always fair and transparent.

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Are these leads exclusive?

You might have shared your toys as a kid, but we don’t believe you should share your leads. Therefore, our leads are provided on a 100% exclusive basis.

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How is this different than paying for SEO & PPC?

With SEO you are paying an agency monthly to rank your website. There is no guarantee you will ever get leads.

With PPC you are paying Google or Bing for the ad spend, and possibly an agency to manage it. When you figure a high cost per click, and the potential cost of an agency to manage the campaign, you can easily spend 2 – 3x more than our lead price, per lead.

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What do I have to lose by trying this service?

Nothing. If these leads do not generate business for you, this will obviously not be a fit. In order for this to work it needs to be a win-win partnership.

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We've been busy

Clix Profit and I recently started working together. I had another company handling my Adwords account for almost five years. In the month and a half with Clix Profit I already see a huge difference. They not only gets me great results for a lot less budget they educate me on what they're is doing and how it all works. I couldn't be happier.

David Navon
President/CEO at Crown Limousine L.A.
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